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Art Education Summer Internship




Maine Sleepaway Camp

Camp Tapawingo

Camp Tapawingo is an accredited summer camp adhering to Covid-19 protocols

Working at Camp Tapawingo is a rewarding experience. You develop practical leadership skills, immerse yourself in a vibrant and engaged community, and positively impact your campers. Interns at Camp Tapawingo are considered staff. The majority of our camp staff teach and live in a camper bunk.

The Art Education Internship
Summer camp is a great opportunity to get many hours of teaching experience in a fun environment. There are opportunities for all levels of experience. What differentiates our interns from our staff is your desire to take this experience one step further. You have the drive to connect this to your academic work and career aspirations. Tapawingo offers multiple Internship opportunities because of our belief in creating a learning and growth experience for all community members. This Internship is for Performing Arts and Studio Arts. In this Art Education Internship you have two primary roles:
  • Instructor - this is an opportunity to share your passion(s) with our campers. Depending on your experience you will either lead or assist in an activity area. Training is provided. Previous experience in an art is required. A list of our arts: Acting, Piano, Play writing, Pottery, Stained Glass, Photography, Woodwork, Printmaking.
  • Bunk Counselor - this is a very rich part of your experience. You have the joy and challenges of working with your co-counselor to create a space for each of your campers to thrive. You will learn more about the age and stage that your campers are in. You will learn a ton about individual and group management.

The following are part of the Internship:
  • Journaling - reflect on your experience
  • Project - select and complete a project that fits your goals and camp's needs. An idea for the coming season: make sure that your program area's curriculum incorporates best practices for empowerment as well as Social & Emotional learning.
  • Individual Supervision - close support by your direct supervisors with every other week verbal and written reviews.
  • Group Supervision - meet with internship participants throughout the camp (Counseling & Social Work Internship, Teaching & Coaching Internship, Arts Education Internship, etc) for training, conversation and engagement.
  • Workshop Facilitation - to co-facilitate a training session with other Interns and one of Camp Tapawingo's Trainers.

Academic Credit
Most of our Interns receive academic credit, some opt not to. If the current structure of our internship does not meet the academic requirements of your college then let me know. We are willing and able to make adaptations so that you can participate in this program and receive credit.

Bunk Counselor
Live in a bunk with campers and a co-counselor. Your campers will need your guidance and support throughout the summer. They will lean on you when they miss home or are dealing with a personal issue. They will also seek your maturity when scheming their bunk prank, for our camp this means surprising a person or group with a laughter filled surprise! Our bunk supervisors support you to be able to grow a cohesive bunk community and to support the individual needs of your campers.

Typical Day:
  • Bugle
  • Meals as a camp
  • Coaching / Instructing
  • 1 teaching period off to participate in other activities (e.g. learn to sail)
  • Support one of your campers or your bunk through a challenging moment (e.g. homesickness or clique issues)
  • Receive guidance and support from your supervisors as an instructor and as a bunk counselor

Employment Notes:
  • Pay - starting pay is $2700 + partial travel reimbursement + housing + meals + certifications as needed for your position + training
  • Training - 2 week training institute plus on-going training throughout the summer. During this training period you will teach a mock lesson and receive feedback.
  • Getting To Camp - camp will provide a travel stipend plus provide transportation from the Portland Maine airport and bus terminals to Tapawingo and vice versa at the end of the season.
  • Time Off - 6 days and 6 nights off over a 9 week period, 1 teaching period per day, additional daily time off
  • Housing - this is camp! Nothing fancy, it is rustic and comfortable.¬†Female staff get to will live in bunks with campers while male staff live in separate quarters.
  • Food - cafeteria meals as a camp. We accommodate most diets, allergies and sensitivities.
  • Internships / Academic Credit Available

The word Tapawingo means "Place of Joy", hopefully the description we are providing begins to explain how we achieve our name. Working at Camp Tapawingo is signing on to a summer of adventure. I encourage you to contact us to learn more about this experience.

Your Skills:
  • Experience working with children, preferred
  • Experience in the area that your are interested in teaching
  • A team player
  • Willingness to try something new
  • A desire to make the world a better place
  • A growth mindset

Our Values:
  • Inspire our campers towards greatness
  • Empower our campers to overlook barriers
  • Be present for our campers - both physically and mentally
  • Pitch in where needed
  • Be safe & be fun!

We hope to receive your application! Please reach out to JD if you have questions -
Hiring begins January 1. Applications are reviewed from November 1 until all positions are filled.