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Early Tenure Teacher

Telra Institute is a new K-5 charter school opening Fall 2021 in Charlotte, NC focused on gifted education & advanced learners. We are assembling a high-performing team to work in a novel educational model with a culture that prizes education and esteems educators. Candidates will find a supportive environment and opportunities to excel professionally, intellectually, and financially. Telra Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Telra Early-Tenure Teacher Job Description
Job Summary

The Telra Early-Tenure Teacher Program allows early-tenure teachers to develop and hone their craft to become highly qualified classroom practitioners during the first 3 years of their teaching career. Just as we accelerate student learning we will also accelerate early-tenure teachers learning so that after 3 years they will not only be ready for full teacher licensure, but also ready to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Teachers are responsible for driving learning and teaching within their own class and within the grade, whilst collaboratively working with their peers. Teachers report directly to the school Principal and are valuable members of the school team.

Who are we looking for?
  • Teachers who currently hold an Initial Professional License and are eager to develop their skills as educators.
  • Motivators who bring joy, love, and laughter to teachers and students.
  • Reflective practitioners who lead with culture and drive with data to personalize learning for all students.
  • Responsive leaders of students.
  • Problem solvers who see solutions to problems.
  • Data geeks who analyze data and loop back to next steps.
  • Communicators who value the triad of student, school, and family and go above and beyond to work in partnership.
  • Lifelong learners eager to take on the challenge of launching a new school and comfortable working in a fast-paced culture.

What does Telra offer?

Explicit, systematic, cumulative approach to developing early-tenure teachers through:
  • Opportunity to work with an empowered, focused, and nimble leadership and instructional leadership team with a novel “no limits” vision for public education.
  • Community of students and parents who are “bought in” to a culture of learning and show a strong appreciation for education.
  • Coaching and professional development to hone your direct instructional skills, content knowledge, and technical proficiency.
  •  Explicit, systematic, cumulative approach to developing early-tenure teachers towards their Continuing Professional License through strong school culture and a high frequency cycle of observation-feedback-coaching plus data-driven instruction.
  • Professional development on gifted education, differentiation through Personal Learning Pathways, collaborative teaching, and Telra’s unique curriculum and assessment model.
Essential Responsibilities
  • Work collaboratively with Grade Level Lead Teacher, and Senior Leadership Team.
  • Attend and participate in monthly Early-Tenure Teacher meetings.
  • Teach whole-class and lead smaller group instruction using an inquiry-based, conceptual accelerated curriculum.
  • Inspire intellectual curiosity and love of learning that results in all students exceeding a years’ worth of academic growth.
  • Collaborate and use data to create Personal Learning Pathways for students, and continually monitor progress towards targets, adjusting instruction as required.
  • Work collaboratively across grades and within grade levels to teach students of a variety of ages/grades and abilities throughout the day.
  • Actively participate in professional development with Instructional Leadership Team including practicing instructional delivery with peers prior to delivery with students, real time feedback during instruction, analysis of data to monitor student Personal Learning Pathways
  • Be an active participant in creating and maintaining a positive school culture for colleagues, students and families.
  • Use regular ‘touch points’ to foster and maintain relationships with students, and parents, to leverage accelerated academic outcomes.
  • Be an active participant in a new, exciting team that removes glass ceilings and raises the floor of attainment.
Education and Qualifications
  • Required: Bachelor’s degree in education, with an Initial Professional License & 0-2 years of classroom experience
  • Required: High drive and passion for working with students, being part of an exciting new approach to accelerating learning for all students and the motivation to seek out new learning opportunities to grow as an Early-Tenure Teacher.
  • Preferred: AIG license or the desire to work towards acquiring it.
Interested applicants should sent their resume and a cover letter to