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Acoustic Beamforming Engineer

VOCAL Technologies LTD., is looking for 2 Acoustic Beamforming Engineers to work in our DSP group. Responsibilities include design, implementation and testing of real-time algorithms for acoustic field array beamforming, adaptive noise reduction, sound source localization, acoustic echo cancellation and blind source separation. Both full-time and part-time opportunities are available.
With offices located in the University at Buffalo Commons, we are expanding in both size and capabilities, resulting in our continuous pursuit of talented and motivated individuals to join our highly skilled team.
Competitive candidates will
  • Have completed or be pursuing a PhD in a field related to Digital Signal Processing.
  • Understand phased array system design and optimization for broadband signals.
  • Understand trade-offs in RTOS algorithm design for power consumption, algorithm complexity and WNG.
  • Understand the design of microphone array configurations such as ULA and UCA.
  • Understand the theory of DOA estimation using various algorithms such as MUSIC, ROOT-MUSIC, ESPRIT, GCC-PHAT, SRP-PHAT etc. and their limitations for applications to acoustic signals.
Responsibilities of the Acoustic Beamforming Engineer include
  • Designing fast and efficient acoustic DSP algorithms for implementation on embedded processors.
  • Analyze the performance impact of algorithms by estimating the processing resources such as MIPS, ROM and RAM.
  • Coordinate software development activities with other DSP engineers such as prototyping and tuning algorithms to meet and exceed customer requirements
  • Testing performance of algorithms such as beamforming, AEC, ANR, dereverberation, VAD, and BSS by using both subjective and objective measures, and with speech recognition engines.
  • Research on new technologies and how they can be incorporated in VOCALs custom products for improvement.