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How well does Wells Fargo uphold their stated company values?

I really enjoyed working at Wells Fargo last summer which is a large reason why I decided to return full time. I believe Wells Fargo has taken ownership for the mistakes they have made and are taking all the necessary steps (and more) in order to rectify these mistakes. Nobody I worked with at th...
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What does a Service Manager II at Wells Fargo do?

The service manager role is the hardest role at the branch level. You are responsible for a wide array of duties. Duties such as monthly task, team member development, and client services. In addition, you are, essentially, the face of the company. You and your teller team (service team) are the ...
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Does Wells Fargo offer a mentorship program? How is it structured?

There was kind of an informal mentorship program that allowed me to come in on the first day and have somebody there to show me the ropes and understand the way that the office worked, etc. My "mentor" was actually the guy who interviewed me, so we got to know each other pretty well over the cour...
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As a Wells Fargo employee, how much support do you receive from upper management?

Wells Fargo has a fantastic training and support system company-wide, including upper management. There’s also a lot of pressure from management for direct reports to perform. However, if you can adapt and learn, and also create value for your department, the company will promote you. The company...
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What's the extent of the training that Wells Fargo tellers receive?

To start, Wells Fargo provided the best training I've ever received. They focus on role-playing and overcoming difficult scenarios to prepare you for the rigors on your first day. After that there's typically a Lead Teller, a Service Manager, and a Branch Manager at every Branch, each of which a...
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How would you describe Wells Fargo's company culture?

As far as investment banking goes, it is as good as it gets. The job is tough, don't get me wrong, but Wells fostered a good culture and has a separate arm of people (called Development Officers) that are separate from your superiors and are in charge of making sure the analysts goals and lifesty...
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Do "summer financial analysts" at Wells Fargo receive some sort of training?

In terms of training for the Summer Financial Analyst Program, the first few days of the internship are spent working with a mentor and your manager in order to learn the basics of the internship. In addition, I attended a credit training class twice a week for the entirety of the internship in o...
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If anyone here has worked at Wells Fargo as a "summer financial analyst", can you explain what you did?

My role as a summer financial analyst consisted of evaluating the credit-worthiness of small and medium sized businesses through financial statement research to determine if we wanted to loan them money. That is a very high level explanation of it, but sums it up pretty well. I spent most of my d...
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What size clients do small business personal bankers at Wells Fargo deal with?

A small business expert/Personal Banker 2 usually assists the higher value clients at a retail banking locations. Small business is anything under $2 million in revenue and personal clients with over $250k in assets.
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What should I know before an interview for a Personal Banker position at Wells Fargo Bank? Any essential pointers?

Make sure that you emphasize any sales experience you have and what you did to make sure to exceed your goals. Show confidence in your ability to approach people and talk to them about new products. That is the main thing they will care about.
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What skills do I need to acquire in order to be a Equities Research Associate at Wells Fargo?

I became an equities research associate because my resume was pulled out of a pile for having the CFA designation, which I think is invaluable to stand out from the crowd. After getting the job, you have to be willing to work a minimum 60 hours/week, so it's critical that you are passionate about...
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What does a Wells Fargo Bank Sales Analyst do?

They work in the big business or mid market groups. They are kind of like an assistant for the Sales Consultants. They submit implementation requests, they create proposals, they go on calls with their consultant to discover needs and cross-sell. They answer smaller customer questions and services.
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On a high level, what does a financial analyst at Wells Fargo do?

High-level, a corporate banking financial analyst at Wells Fargo assesses the credit-worthiness of Wells' clients by reviewing their financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows) to then assign a credit rating which determines the customer's cost of debt for futu...
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I'm currently interning as an investment banking analyst at Wells Fargo. What can I do to increase my chances of getting a return offer after the summer?

In general, there is a clear path to receiving an offer if you put your best foot forward and work hard at improving all summer. Interns are not expected to know everything from day 1, but are expected to give it their all and absorb the responsibilities that a full time analyst does. In general,...
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What specific hard and soft skills does Wells Fargo look for in candidates for the analytics team?

Proficiency in the required technical skill areas (i.e. experience using a certain coding language, software platform, etc) as a pre-requisite. Capacity to lead and represent the work group. Sound judgement. Communicate clearly and simply. Be inquisitive. Have experience-backed opinions on issues...
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To anyone who has ever interviewed at Wells Fargo for a quantitative associate role: can you please speak about that experience?

In terms of qualities/experiences, I would say that Wells definitely places a lot of emphasis on the ability to communicate in addition to having the technical / statistical model. My understanding that this is slightly less so for market risk but still emphasized more than say at JP Morgan or G...
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What exactly does a Quantitative Associate at Wells Fargo actually do?

A Quantitative Associate at Wells generally either builds statistical models or validates them. Given that the majority of these models are risk based and hence subject to strict government scrutiny, the models are primarily based on classical statistics as opposed to more advanced but opaque ma...
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How do quantitative associates at Wells Fargo contribute to the bank's mission?

The vast majority of Quantitative Associates work on the risk side. Therefore, the work of quants are generally not tied to revenue generation but rather to identifying and mitigating potential risks to the company. This is important to Wells Fargo's mission especially since they tend to operat...
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What do I need to know regarding the interview process for an actuarial analyst role at Wells Fargo?

The interviewer is likely a trained actuary and will have questions to test your technical knowledge. Be sure to understand what type of actuarial tools they will be using, which valuation tools. Last I worked there they were using Proval. Much of the work is in Excel, they will test your excel k...
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How much do Wells Fargo financial analyst interns get paid?

As a Summer Financial Analyst in Charlotte, NC, I was paid $23/hour, based on a 40 hour week.
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